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You can create a professional, finished look to your yard by edging your lawn and garden. You don’t need expensive electric or gasoline-operated edging tools to get the job done. You can obtain the look you want with just a few non- motorized tools and your standard garden hose.

The Hound Dog Edge Hound allows you to edge landscape borders easily with its sharp, curved blade. Operation is as simple as digging with a shovel.

The easiest way to start your edging project is to outline the area where you want to create beds or borders with a garden hose. The long flexible hose length allows you to visualize what your entire edge will look like and you can adjust it over and over again until you are happy with the layout. The hose lends itself to creating curves and arches, and will easily stay in place as a guide while you dig.

Once you’ve decided on your layout, select a point at one edge of the layout next to your garden hose and start digging. Stand behind the Edge Hound and place one foot on top of the blade and press straight down until the top edge of the blade is level with the ground’s surface. This should be about six inches deep and should cut through the sod or other planted materials Repeat this procedure, slightly overlapping your digging as you follow the outline created with the garden hose. The deep edge insures that your beds will keep their shape and will prevent grass and weeds from invading the bed. Once your edge is completely defined, you can go back and remove sod or other ground cover. The area is now ready for your new bedding plants. If you are keeping any existing plants, be sure to weed thoroughly and cultivate around the plants.

Edging along driveways and sidewalks helps keep damaging grass and weeds from invading the cement or asphalt. Use the Hound Dog Steppin’ Edger to create a professional border or edge in these areas.

Place the edger next to the edge of the sidewalk, driveway or path. Take your foot and place it on top of the edger and with a rocking motion, press down into the ground. Repeat this for the length of the sidewalk or driveway, overlapping the cuts as you go.

Once you’ve established the edging, you can maintain the clean professional look by occasionally using the tools to renew the edges.

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