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Have you ever looked with envy at a neighbor’s garden filled with daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers? Filled with color, spring flowers boldly announce warmer weather and chase away the winter blahs. It just takes some planning ahead to create your own Spring bulb garden.

Most Spring bulbs must be planted in the Fall to bloom the following Spring. They need to be planted late enough so they will not sprout in the Fall, but early enough that they can take root before the ground freezes. A planting guide or labeling on the bulb packaging can provide suggested planting dates for your region.

Select a sunny, well-drained area. Bulbs can make a dramatic focal point in borders, near the base of flowering trees or in a gardens that contain a few low green bushes for contrast. Decorative accents such as a birdbath, a garden bench, or large stones provide interesting focal points for a Spring bulb garden. Layout your space and place or plant any garden elements before you begin planting. Remember to design the space so you have a continuous display of color throughout the flowering season. Tulips, especially, are designated early, mid or late season blooms.

Plant at the proper depth. Bulbs are planted deeper than seeds, usually at a depth of about 6 inches. The easiest way to plant with accuracy is to use Hound Dog Bulb Planter. The cylindrical core quickly removes soil for a proper, consistent depth for easy planting. The long handled planter makes the planting even easier and allows you to work from a standing position. You can dig several holes at one time and then plant the bulbs, placing any obvious root growth facing down in the hole.

Refill the holes with dirt that was removed. Tap down lightly on soil as you do. If you will be planting other flowers, before your bulbs emerge in the Spring, mark your bulb locations with tags indicating the type of plant.

Soak ground thoroughly. We offer a wide selection of Ames watering hose. Choose the one right for you.

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