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From time to time, we receive feedback about how great our tools and our service are.  It is our pleasure to share those with you...

I have your bulb planter and I just love it. I especially like it because it allows me to garden even though I have a sore back. – Mary

It [grass clipper] is truly a great tool!!! It does such a terrific job without breaking one’s back!!!! – J.D. (HDP11-S)

…what a fine product you have with the #HDPI Hound Dog Weed Hound!! After trying mine, two of my neighbors went out and bought their own… Many many thanks for the FINE product and service. – D.L.
Your Weed Hound is superlative. So good to have a tool that works and makes a nasty job easy….I’ll be sure to brag at the garden club & S.D. Horticulture society. – L.A.

Little did I know HOW useful it [Hound Dog Edge Hound] would be! I took up 21 square yards of sod as deep as the Edge Hound, so I could put down several inches of sand and my 16” square pavers. A job I thought would take a month of my summer evenings and weekends ( I was expecting up to 50 hours), took only about a week and a half (maybe 10-15 hours), the sod being the toughest part, but totally tolerable thanks to my Edge Hound! – S.K.

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